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With a background in a leading role with one of Victoria’s most successful private Occupational Rehabilitation Providers, we have a wealth of experience across a broad range of industries and workforces enabling us to be well equipped to assist with any of your work-health related concerns.

We can work with your management team and staff in introducing of a range of programs aimed at preventing workplace injuries. We know that sometimes things don’t go to plan and when this happens we can assist with ensuring managers and the team are aware of their obligations in helping colleagues to safely return to work. We can facilitate conversations between your injured worker, their treaters and the management team to ensure that all parties are kept up to date with the progression of the worker in their rehabilitation and the treaters feel confident that the proposed duties are within the workers capacity.

In our time working with WorkSafe and their agents as Occupational Rehabilitation Providers, part of our role was to provide education and training to small businesses (under $2mil in remuneration). This training was focused on being practical, designed for small businesses and offered additional follow up with the employer to ensure that the return to work was progressing. With our experience with this and other specialist return to work services, we are well equipped to provide advice and assistance to any businesses attempting to negotiate what can be a tricky system. Services can be brief one off sessions to review the current claim and ensure that everyone is meeting their obligations, or can involve ongoing support and assistance in managing the claim where the employer struggles to find the time to review all of the information required to properly manage a WorkSafe claim. These services are not claimable within the Workers compensation claim and are privately funded by the employer as an additional advisory service separate to WorkSafe and their agents.

In industries or businesses where there are higher rates/likelihood of injuries, Work Health Rehab can assist with the early management of claims (or injuries where a claim is not accepted) through the development of Suitable Duty Registers. We will review the tasks and duties completed by staff in their normal capacity and then identify how the task can be modified or whether it is not suitable for workers with particular injuries. Having this in your position prior to injuries occurring enables you to provide this to your workers treaters as soon as they have experienced an injury and enables for immediate planning of their return to work.

As well as offering these services individually, Work Health Rehab offer complete business reviews where we will combine our Workplace Assessments and develop individual Work Health programs for your staff. Businesses that we’ve assisted in the past have utilised our services to offer support to workers where they may have sustained an injury or illness outside of the workplace, or not accepted under a compensatory scheme and otherwise may be on long term sick leave at home. By having systems in place, as soon as one of your workers notifies you of having sustained an injury, we are able to actively assist in managing their claim or return to work from day 1. Even if there is an accepted claim, this can sometimes take days to process (an agent can consider a claim for up to 28 days prior to it being accepted!) and means that you may have lost up a month of having your valued staff back in the workplace. Our programs assist with employee wellbeing (They know you genuinely care), they know that the systems are in place to support them and avoid injuries in the first place and we have existing relationships with local treaters that can expedite treatment and ensure that both the worker receives the best care and the employer is well informed of how their worker is going.

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