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Occupational therapists are able to conduct assessments of injured workers for WorkSafe Agents. These assessments assist WorkSafe Agents to make decisions about the type and level of support you may need as a result of a work-related injury or illness. WHR Allied Health have experience across a broad range of WorkSafe assessments and will ensure that assessments are thorough and detailed. We encourage clients to have a family member with them where possible during assessments, and as such are able to complete these assessments outside of normal business hours.

Participating in an occupational therapy assessment

Occupational therapy assessments are used to provide recommendations to WorkSafe Agents about some of the services that you may need to maximise your independence and participation in everyday activities and in returning to work. WorkSafe Agents may also require occupational therapists to re-assess the services that you receive as your health improves or deteriorates. This aims to ensure that these services continue to reach your recovery goals and you are best supported.
Occupational therapists can conduct assessments for the following services with the majority of assessments taking place in your own home:

  • Home modifications – if you have complex injuries, an assessment of the suitability of home modifications with recommendations about what changes can be made which will assist you to be independent. For example, installing a rail in your bathroom.
  • Household help – assessing the need for services such as gardening or cleaning that may be required for a period of time to help you recover from your injury whilst you or your family are unable to assist.
  • Equipment/aids and appliances – assessment and prescription of equipment/aids and appliances that may assist you to maximise your independence. Often the provision of a simple piece of equipment can make a significant difference to your capacity to be able to complete tasks by yourself.
  • Transport needs – assessment of your ability to travel in a car or use public transport.
  • Attendant care – if you have complex injuries, an assessment of the type of assistance you may need with personal care, community or therapy activities in preparation for being at home.

ADL occupational therapist assessment.

An ADL occupational therapist conducts assessments and makes recommendations to your WorkSafe Agent about the type of services that may be required to maximise your independence and participation in everyday activities and in returning to work. The Occupational Therapist will speak with you and your family as well as your treating healthcare practitioner. ADL occupational therapists are registered with WorkSafe Victoria and have completed WorkSafe training.


Do I need a medical certificate?

Medical certificates are not required for occupational therapy assessments conducted for WorkSafe Agents. If some or all of the services recommended by the occupational therapist are approved by your WorkSafe Agent, your Agent may request that a medical certificate is provided that supports the recommendations of the Occupational Therapist. If you’d like more information about Occupational Therapy assessment services, please contact the WorkSafe Advisory Service on freecall 1800 136 089 or (03) 9641 1444 or email or visit


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